In 1985, Commodore launched the first Amiga, the A1000. Over the next decade, the Amiga became the favourite home computer for all gamers, artists and geeks, thanks to its innovative custom hardware, fantastic graphics and sound and a powerful multi-tasking operating system. Following Commodore's demise, the machine and its Operating System lived on, with a dedicated community developing both new hardware and software.

Visit Recursion to catch up on the latest community gossip and events, sign up to a local user group or just reminisce by playing your favourite games from the good old days.

There will be special stands, competitions and activities to celebrate more than 30 years of Amiga, including presentations of:

- AmigaOS 4.1 - The Official AmigaOS, developed by Hyperion Entertainment and still going strong! Try out the latest AmigaOne X1000 from A-Eon and the SAM460 from ACube. The latest Classic version of AmigaOS can even run on x64 hardware thanks to WinUAE

- Commodore Amigas - all the old favourites will be at Recursion: A500, A1200, CD32 etc

- MorphOS - a powerful, efficient OS for PowerPC computers including MacBooks

- AROS - a fast, lightweight Amiga Clone for x64 hardware